Mattress and Love - How They Are the Same


The abdominal dormouse is the most seldom chosen type of sleep and there are few inveterate abdominal sleepers. Many sleepers fall asleep on the belly and then turn unconsciously into the side position or on the back during the night. The situation on the stomach is probably the worst position for the three most common types of sleep when it comes to healthy and restful sleep. The reason for this is your spine, which can not dwell properly during your abdominal sleep in its natural form - from the rump to the cervical vertebrae. For the thebest-mattressthis is important.

Ideal mattresses for belly sleepers

As a belly sleeper avoid as far as possible with the help of your suitable mattress an unhealthy hollow cross. To prevent this from happening you should choose a mattress that is firmer in the pelvic area and will not let you sink. The prone position does not prevent even with a top mattress from our quality manufacturers, that your head unnaturally twisted when sleeping or your upper body and thus your back unusually overstretched. We therefore recommend the following models, which support particularly well in the hip and ensure the most comfortable sleep possible!

Which degree of hardness should my mattress have?

The so-called degree of hardness of a mattress is the measure of the hardness or strength of your mattress. The firmness tells you how soft or hard your mattress is. Depending on the manufacturer and mattress cores - i.e. cold foam, pocket spring core - the specification of the hardness can vary, therefore, there is no universal standard. In principle, the degree of hardness of mattresses is set between levels 1-5.

The right degree of hardness of a mattress

The following overview shows how many kilograms you should typically choose for which degree of hardness. Because neither too hard nor too soft mattress hardness are a guarantee for good sleep! Too soft a mattress bends through your spine and this in turn leads to back pain. If the mattress is too hard, roll around at night unnecessarily, as you will not find a proper sleep. For slim types we recommend a soft sleeping pad, as you will not sink very deep anyway.

In this small overview you will find out at a glance which mattress is proposed as a standard for your body weight.

Of course, the individually fitting degree of hardness of your mattress will be measured according to your own preferences. Often you can even stand between two degrees of hardness and can then orient them to the individual well-being. If you are fundamentally softer, you can, for example, opt for the lower degree of hardness. Are you still unsure if you would rather take a mattress in hardness grade 2 or 3?

You cannot quite decide on a degree of hardness? Then we can recommend you one of our mattresses. These have two degrees of hardness and so you can sleep soft or sometimes harder.

Cold foam mattress - for whom is it suitable?

You are unsure whether a cold foam mattress is the right model for you?

Cold foam mattresses are particularly suitable for restless sleepers. They support your body through the 7-zones particularly ideal and usually have a low weight. Thanks to the 60 degree washable covers and their hygienic condition, the cold foam mattress is ideal for allergy sufferers. Freezing cats will also get their money's worth, as the foam and the construction of the mattress ensure excellent thermal insulation!

Pocket spring mattress - for whom is it suitable?

Are you interested in pocket spring mattresses?

Our pocket spring mattresses are suitable for all sleep types, but they are especially good for our back sleepers and abdominal sleepers. Due to its structure, this mattress is very sturdy and a little stronger than, for example, cold foam mattresses. We especially recommend them for our strong guys. Thanks to the high air permeability of the inner zones, the moisture secreted by the body can easily escape during the night. We recommend this mattress type due to the good air circulation gladly all heat bears out there.

The majority swears on tougher mattresses

You prefer to be harder? Then we recommend our other mattress models in different degrees of hardness to the heart. The inside mattress is suitable for both warming and freezing cats as carries both cold foam mattress and pocket spring mattresses with the inside formulation. Of course, the cost factor in choosing your new piece of jeweler also plays a major role, because mattresses are a bit more expensive than cold foam or pocket spring core models from other quality manufacturers.

You do not want just a mattress with gel padding but a mattress with a gel core? In our shop you will find for example from the quality manufacturer Sun Garden one Gel mattress that promises a heavenly sleep. It is a mixture of cold foam mattress and gel mattress, since the core consists partly of cold foam and of special gel foam. Interest aroused? With us you are guaranteed to find your ideal mattress for every type of sleep.

Mattresses for back sleepers

As a back sleeper you have - similar to the side sleeper - a wide range of mattresses that fit your needs. So you have the choice between a cold foam mattress, as well as the pocket spring mattress or the gel mattress and can grab your desired variety. However, also in the back sleeper, similar to the side sleeper, again the structure of the mattress plays a major role. Because only when the mattress is corresponding point elastic, that is sinking in the desired places, you can enjoy a healthy and restful sleep.

Which mattress is suitable for back sleepers?

In addition to the side sleeper, the back sleeper lands on the second most popular sleeping position ever. We recommend this position especially for people who have problems with heartburn and rising stomach acid. Because the upright body elevation can ensure that the reflux of the acid is regulated.

You are diehard back sleepers?

Then we recommend a sleep system that supports the natural S-shape of your spine. In addition, all body parts such as your shoulder and butt should also be able to sink into your mattress optimally. In order for your mattress to work properly, we advise you in addition to an adjustable slatted frame - whether manual or motorized. With the perfectly set dream team of mattress and matching slatted bed, nothing stands in the way of heavenly nights.